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Living on an island with very limited greenery and a pollution rate which is on the rise, makes you stop and think about how and where you can make a difference.


Not many of us are aware that a single child alone uses between 4,000-6,000 disposable nappies from birth to potty trained (3 years old). These nappies account for 2-3% of household waste. Apart from this, did you know that a single disposable nappy lasts more than 500 years in a landfill?


As new parents conscious about the negative effects we have on our planet, my partner and I decided to use cloth nappies and other reusable and eco-friendly items with our son. Contrary to what many think, there was no hassle when it came to using any of these “modern day” environmentally friendly products as they are extremely easy to use.


The only issue we found was that we were faced with very limited options locally. That’s how Bebbuxu was created. I wanted to be able to publicise our cloth nappy journey with other parents who may be interested in these products but unaware of their existence or availability. Besides this, I wanted to be able to offer a variety of products which are cost effective and on hand to all.


Each of our products is made using sustainable materials and is tried and tested by our little one who gives his seal of approval.


In a world where our green spaces are diminishing at a worrying rate, considering or making the change to our natural and eco-friendly products is the way forward. Remember, as parents, we pave the way for our child’s future. Let’s take care of our green spaces now in order for our children to be able to know and enjoy them.

Michelle Cachia

FREE Malta delivery on orders over €30

10% DISCOUNT on all products for first-time buyers. Use code: BebbuxuBaby

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