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Why Cloth Nappies?

Aren’t they expensive? Aren’t they extra work? Don’t they make your life more complicated? Aren’t disposable nappies an easier and cheaper option?


Those are just some of the questions we have been faced with since our son started his cloth nappy journey. The simple answer to all of the above questions is NO! However, we are going to give you a bit more of a detailed breakdown below.

Why cloth nappies?
  • Kinder to baby’s skin – they contain ZERO chemicals or plastics unlike disposable nappies, and therefore your baby will not suffer any allergic reactions resulting in skin irritations.

  • Kinder to the environment – they have much less of an impact on our environment compared to disposables.

  • Variety of choice – they come in tonnes of different styles, prints and colours.

  • Washable – one nappy gives you so much use!

  • Reusable – therefore you are not adding to our landfill or pollution issue and, unlike disposable nappies, they do not take more than 500 years to break down.

Aren’t they complicated to use?

You will need a few weeks to figure out the number of nappies you need per day and to find a balance between using and washing. However, fitting and using the nappies is not complicated at all. We actually found them easier to use than disposables, which always seemed to move out of place or come loose as our baby moved around.

Aren’t they expensive?

Initially, disposables may seem cheaper. However, when you consider your baby needs between 4,000 to 6,000 disposable nappies from birth until potty training (about 3 years old), your disposable nappy bill soon adds up! If you plan on using cloth nappies full time, you will need between 20-25 nappies (which can also be used for any other bundle of joy which comes along) and that’s it! Besides this, you can also purchase good quality, pre-loved cloth nappies at a cheaper price.

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