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Unsure of what gift to get your loved one or friend? Our Gift Voucher makes the best gift for any expectant or new parents. The recipient may choose to use it on any of our eco-friendly products, from our high quality cloth nappies to our reusable swim nappies to our handmade rattles, toys or pacifier clips. 


This Gift Voucher is also the best way for anyone to start their cloth nappy journey, which we will support and guide you through. 


How our Gift Voucher works:


  1. Fill in all of your details and submit the form. 

  2. We will then contact you to discuss how payment is to be settled. 

  3. You will then receive a digital copy of the Gift Voucher which will include a specific code which is to be used on our website at checkout.

  4. Our Gift Voucher can be used on all items on our site and is valid for 12 months.

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Gift Vouchers

FREE Malta delivery on orders over €30

10% DISCOUNT on all products for first-time buyers. Use code: BebbuxuBaby

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