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  • Bells Bumz All In Two Hybrid Nappy

Bells Bumz All In Two Hybrid Nappy

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Perfect for those times when you just want to grab the nappy and go but want something with quicker drying time than an All In One.


The Bells Bumz All In Two Hybrid nappy features:

  • A stretchy outer PUL shell, lined with super soft white microfleece or coffee fibre fleece
  • A double row of waist poppers
  • 4 x 3 rise poppers
  • A matching stay dry PUL back flap
  • An absorbent Z soaker and Z booster+
  • Soft elastic around the legs
  • Fits from 4.5kgs to 16kg
  • This nappy is BTP (birth to potty) size.

    These nappies are designed for 4.5kg to potty training age (about 16kg). The double row of waist poppers, rounded tabs and 4 x 3 rise settings help you to achieve a good fit easily.

  • Z soaker and Z booster+.

    The insert Z soaker, this is not only fantastic for those heavy wetters, it also forms a lovely soft and comfortable double gusset. This is due to the elastic frilly sides that curl around the legs.


    The Z soaker is snapped into place at both ends so it is completely removable. The reason behind this is so the soaker can hang out separately to dry making the drying time more efficient.


    The Z soakers have also been designed to be used into our Z wraps so you can have a fully interchangeable system should you require. One system to suit everyone.


    The soaker is made up of 3 layers of hemp (55% hemp, 45% cotton), 2 bamboo (80% bamboo) and topped with beautiful soft stay dry coffee fibre fleece.


    Also included is our Z booster+. This booster consists of 2 layers of bamboo and 2 layers of hemp and being hour glassed shape fits beautifully under the Z soaker where it can snap into place either end, meaning  you have 9 layers of super absorbent material.

  • What’s inside.

    This entire nappy is lined with either super soft white microfleece or coffee fibre fleece. It’s amazing at staying dry and absorbing all of the wet through its layer. Super soft against baby’s skin and the coffee fibre fleece is antibacterial as a bonus.


    The actual nappy consists of our double ended pockets but is single gusset. This versatile nappy can be used as an AI2 and a pocket nappy and can be used alone with just the Z soaker, or with the addition of the Z booster for added absorption.


    You can also purchase additional Z soakers and boosters or inserts for the pocket should you wish as the nappy itself dries super quickly so you can be ready to go within a matter of hours if you wish to have spare soakers.

  • This all in two is compatible with:

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