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  • Reusabelles Roller Pocket
  • Reusabelles Roller Pocket
  • Reusabelles Roller Pocket
  • Reusabelles Roller Pocket
  • Reusabelles Roller Pocket
  • Reusabelles Roller Pocket

Reusabelles Roller Pocket


The Reusabelles Roller Pocket is an all-in-one premium nappy that has been carefully designed to provide a simple, easy to fit solution to using cloth nappies.


The Reusabelles Roller Pocket features:

  • A double row of staggered waist poppers
  • A hip stability popper
  • 3 x 4 rise poppers
  • Soft tummy elastic
  • PUL tummy and back panels
  • Large natural fibre insert sewn in at one end
  • An internal double gusset
  • A pocket with an opening at both back and front
  • This nappy is BTP (birth to potty) size.

    These nappies are designed for 4.5kg to potty training age (about 16kg). The double row of waist poppers, rounded tabs, rolled leg elastics and 4 x 3 rise settings to help you achieve a good fit easily.

  • The insert.

    Inside there is a large, natural fibre insert which is sewn in at the front. It is softly elasticated to form an internal double gusset.

    The insert may be used inside or on top of the pocket opening. The insert has 3 layers of bamboo cotton and is topped with microfleece.

  • What’s inside.

    Reusabelles Roller pocket nappies are perfectly fitting nappies made from a stretchy outer PUL shell and lined with super soft stay dry microfleece with a hidden layer of bamboo cotton.


    The reusable nappies are designed with the addition of a matching stay dry PUL tummy panel for more comfort.


    There is an internal double gusset for ultimate leak prevention and the cloth nappies have gentle rolled leg and chunky back elastic to reduce compression marks on baby's delicate skin.


    This pocket nappy is a hybrid pocket all-in-one cloth nappy as it has a sewn in tongue for use inside or on top of the pocket opening.


    There are hidden snaps at the front and back which means that the roller pocket is compatible with various Bells Bumz snap in inserts which may be poppered inside or on top of the pocket.

  • This nappy is compatible with:

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