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  • Bebbuxu Cloth Nappy Trial Kit

Bebbuxu Cloth Nappy Trial Kit

Our Bebbuxu Cloth Nappy Trial Kit gives you a chance to try different nappy options available from our online shop. The kit is available for use for one week and allows you to test out what works best for you and your little one before placing a larger order of your own.
  • What’s included:

    • Bebbuxu Trial Kit guidelines
    • 4x Evia Nappies pocket nappies (one-size-fits-most approx 4kg – 16kg)
    • 4x Evia Nappies 5-layer bamboo terry inserts
    • 1x Bells Bumz all in one nappy (birth to potty size 4.5kg – 16kg)
    • 3x Bells Bumz pocket shells (birth to potty size 4.5kg – 16kg)
    • 2x Bells Bumz pocket bamboo & hemp mix inserts
    • 2x Bells Bumz triple hemp boosters
    • 2x Bells Bumz Z soakers
    • 2x Bells Bumz Z booster plus
    • 2x Bells Bumz Z wraps (birth to potty size 4.5kg – 16kg)
    • 1x Bells Bumz Fitted nappy (birth to potty size 4.5kg – 16kg)
    • Biodegradable bamboo liners
    • 1x Nappy bucket
    • 1x Mesh laundry bag
    • Jar with non-bio washing powder
  • With all of the above elements you get:

    • 4x Evia Nappies pocket nappies
    • 2x Bells Bumz pocket nappies
    • 1x Bells Bumz all in two hybrid
    • 1x Bells Bumz all in one
    • 1x Bells Bumz true all in two
    • 1x Bells Bumz night nappy
  • Cost:

    The cost of the Trial Kit is €25.

    We request a refundable deposit of €125. This refundable deposit can be settled via Revolut mobile, cash or cheque. We will contact you once your order has been received to discuss your preferred manner of payment.

  • Return of Trial Kit:

    The Trial Kit must be washed according to our guidelines and returned within one week after.

    It is returned at your cost to us in St Paul’s Bay or any other agreed drop off location.

    Upon receiving the trial kit back, we will check the products and if any items are missing or damaged beyond use, the full price of the item(s) will be deducted from your deposit.

    We understand and expect ordinary wear and tear of the nappies through normal use. However, excessive or deliberate damage is not acceptable (for example, the nappies are returned stained from washing with dark colours or additional washing products are used which are not recommended).

    Please read and follow the washing instructions found in our guidelines carefully to avoid damage to the nappies.

  • Note:

    Kindly note that the kit will probably not be brand new but it will be in a good, clean, sanitised and hygenic condition. It is washed at every return by the Bebbuxu team.

    The prints of the nappies are chosen from stock and might not match the prints shown in the product image.

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